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At Corinth Rehabilitation Suites on the Parkway, we are pleased to offer the following amenities:

  • Piped in oxygen and medical air with wall suction capabilities
  • A spacious 2100 square foot fully equipped therapy center
  • An outdoor mobility garden/terrain park fully equipped to stimulate and allow mobility on any terrain or obstacle you may encounter after discharge
  • Spacious suites with private showers in each patient room
  • Comfortable family rooms with a cozy fireplace for moments of quiet reflection, serenity and/or family visits
  • A large activities/therapeutic recreation area
  • Fully equipped multimedia capabilities to include Wi-Fi, internet cafe, interactive gaming (Wii)
  • Outdoor gazebo area is available for relaxation
  • Two separate dining areas to enhance the fine dining experiences
  • Salon services
  • A 12-passenger van to provide transportation for off-site appointments or activities

Recreational Programs

The recreation therapy department provides a variety of therapeutic activities based on each patient's needs and interests. We practice a holistic approach to nourishing the mind, body and spirit.

Restoration therapy programs encourage restoration of self-esteem and resumption of normal recreation and social activities. Recreational opportunities are adapted to compensate for physical and cognitive limitations as they promote optimal participation.

Dining Experience

At Corinth Rehabilitation Suites on the Parkway, we believe that fresh, wholesome foods with great flavor are vital to promoting health and an enjoyable dining experience.  Our food service department recognizes the importance of creating a pleasant atmosphere in all of our dining areas. We are committed to providing high quality, nutritious meals with excellent service. We strive to keep each of our patients at their highest practical level of independence, maintaining their dignity and self esteem. We offer restaurant style table service with a choice of menu items. Our menu changes frequently to offer a variety of foods to enjoy.  Our pastry chef prepares a unique range of sweets and treats to meet the needs of both diabetic and non-diabetic diets.

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Life at Our Facility
Recreational Programs
Dining Experience

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